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Oopskate is pinned and i also took some pics


Like i´ve mentioned before is again time for Oopskate, and all of you may ask what is Oopskate, and is very simple: every year on Rupert´s birthday, Rupert is an adorable orange feline beauty by the way, my friend Axi Kurmin (DJbronxelf) trows a big SL bash for him, that last usually 24 hours and has exclusive items, dancing and music and also a big best in orange contest.

This year i missed the party since i´m way ahead SL time to be on at that time, but until monday you can still grab the items at the Oopskate location, like every year all money raised goes to a small charity of Axi´s choice, and this year we´re raising money to help out Toby pay his vet bills, who said cats don´t like dogs? But here it is you can read more about Oopskate here and is there you will find all the items pinned, including this Pale Empress adorable  dress named after my own furry baby.


So here i am channeling my little one doing what she loves the most, which is laying down sleeping, hopefully near a sunbeam, in the mix of black and white this is her blanket, I hope you all have a great Sunday, at least has peaceful as hers.

Shape: mine
Skin: Mynerva – Milena
Eyelashes: Maxi Gossamer – Eyelashes – Groomed
Eyes: Ikon -Sunrise’ Eyes
Hair: Magika – Wait
Ears and Tail: Magika – Neko
Dress: Pale Empress – Pequenita (Oopskate)
Bracelet: House of Rain  -Your Teeth (Oopskate)
Lipstick: +Nuuna+ – Black Lips
Makeup: +Nuuna+ – Makeups v14 12 (Cosmetics Fair)
Feet: [Gos] Boutique –  Barefoot

Pose by aDORKable

Oops it´s me skating!!


And this is what happens when i skate, it´s not a case of wheels meet ground at high speed, is more of a case of falling on my bum, but in SL is a bit easier to skate, and all of this because it´s Rupert´s bd, yay for Rupert the birthday boy, and as usual to celebrate he´s birthday (those who don´t know Rupert, he´s my friend Axi Kurmin, Rl cat, well one of them), as usual  Club Gothika,will celebrate this birthday with Oopskate!, a rollerskating bash, that starts today at 10pm sl time.

Every year all the money raised during the event goes to a different charity this year the charity receiving them is the The  American Porphyria Foundation read more about it here on News of the Loft, Axi´s blog. I´m also joining in along with other folks, some creating exclusive event items, and others like me who can´t do much offering what they can.

So I decided to offer a photoshoot, and this is what you get with it: 3 pictures, one close up and 2 full body ones, in high resolution and post editing, for 300L that will go 100%  to the event, mind you i never did this before and i don´t claim to be a professional, but i will certainly do my best, we all help the best we can.

So this is it folks don´t forget 10pm and you get a chance to bug me later for pics.

Shape: mine
Skin: Mynerva – Milena
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural Mesh Eyes
Hair: Alice Project – Koko (FamMESHed)
Eyelashes: Maxi Gossamer  – Eyelashes – Groomed (Mesh Around Hunt)
Romper: Coldlogic – ella
Socks: TonkTastic – Sock Tops
Skates: V&M Inc. – Roller Dolls
Necklace: CoLLisions – Sweet Dreams
Makeup: Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Clear Lipgloss  

Poses by Glitterati



My good friend Axi Kurmin has a RL cat, well she has several actually, but one of her babies called Rupert celebrates is birthday on June 15th, so every year her and the staff at Club Gothika, trow Rupert a big birthday party, on roller skates, and this year it´s his 4th birthday, so every year not only do the staff but also several creators join together, not just to celebrate Rupert and his special day but also to collect funds for a different charity.

This year the charity receiving all funds is the The  American Porphyria Foundation, and often smaller charities get left out on big events i know, but they also deserve support, you can read more about the event here on News of the Loft, Axi´s blog.

Like every year the party will start at 10pm SLT and will end when it ends, the official colours are orange, purple and black, and an awesome ring was built for it, but don´t feel sad if you don´t have skates because those will be available for free, there will also be contests with gift cards as prizes.

I offered to put a photo shoot for sale for the event, I never did these tbh so bare with me, for 300L each person who buys the packet will pay 300L and get 3 pics, in an outfit of choice, one portrait and two full body ones, on any background of their choice, as long as it´s no somewhere so laggy it would make it impossible for me to take the pics in good quality.

Now included in my post is the poster for this year´s Oopskate, last year´s poster and a pretty pic of rupert because i simply love cats and he is adorable.

Happy Birthday Rupert!