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Pose Fair pins part 1


Well another year another Pose Fair, and for a few weeks we have poses, animations and photography tools for everyone, just be patient with me since my pinning started today with the opening, and i´m far from finished with the over 100 booths at the Fair.

I do promise updates as i pin on, see you all again tomorrow with more news and events.


Pin a Pose


Sorry for being brief tonite guys but my keyboard is busted due to an accident involving a cat ad a cup of coffee. So i bring you Pose Fair 2013 thanks to the help of the amazing Asthenia Pinazzo. Good nite everyone i´ll borrow another keyboard at work tomorrow


Fear and Posing


Fear cause Pose Fair ends tomorrow and Posing because well what could i do besides that? So here it is my goodbye blog to Pose Fair and a reminder that there is still one more day to go there and do some late shopping, and for a farewell i picked Two of my favorite sets available, by Weather! or Not? and inspired in one of my favorite movies fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Since the 15th we have been able to see the best of what is done in SL by pose creators, simple and complicated concepts, that bring join to every inworld photographer.

This will also be the last Pose Fair it was announced, so let´s all let it end with a bang. So here are the slurls for the main Fair locations, happy shopping, happy posing and have no fear folks.




Shape: mine
Skin: Mynerva – Milena
Hairbase: Discord Designs- Ripley 
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural MESH Eyes
Lashes: Beetlebones – Mesh Lashes
Dress: Geometry – Aloha 
Shoes: elikatira –  Flair Flats Sand/Sea
Glasses: Waterworks – Aviators (slightly modified)
Hat: DERP – Bucket Hat
Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Clear Lipgloss

Poses and all acessories by !WorN? including cigarette holder and suitcase, Fear and Posing set 1 and 2

The Mermaids have a secret and the secret is….


Shhh.. Don´t wake up Cthulhu, and so all the mermaids tail-toe around the sleeping god as they swim around the waters of Siren´s Secret, another one of the Fantasy Faire sims this one the amazing work of  Elicio Ember also the builder of the Ruins of Nu Orne.

But the best of the sim is not only the shops, but the secrets that lie under the waters, waters filled with ancient creatures, and gods, surrounded by curious little fishes, reefs and not so curious sharks, where the mer people have their playground.

Today i wanted to experiment a few different things and not all Faire based, like this lovely skin from Glam Affair and my glitterati tail (check the warning on credits for fitting), I also had this beautiful hair from Rue i grabbed at The Crazy Hair Hunt and seemed perfect to layer on top of the Wasabi Pills Hawk2 i love. So here it is another beautiful sim and a different look, I hope no one is afraid to dip their toes, or tails in water to visit it.

Shape: mine
Skin: Glam Affair – Leah – Fantasy Line D (The Dressing Room)
Hair1: Wasabi Pills – Hawk2 (Fantasy Faire )
Hair2: Rue – Manes/TheHungryDeep: Tide  (Crazy Hair Hunt 3 )
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural MESH Eyes
Lashes: Beetlebones – Mesh Lashes
Top: Evie´s Closet– parts of the Lumina Nymph – Aerie Edition tinted
Mermaid Tail: Glitterati– Mesh mermaid tail – lilac (Pose Faire) (Warning: the seams on the mesh had to be photoshoped not to appear, since it only comes in one size and the fitting never covered it properly even with a lot of shape tweaking)
Hair Clip: Panda Express – Sirens Hair Clip  (Fantasy Faire)
Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Clear Lipgloss
Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Heterochromia eShadow for Blue and Green (group gift)

Poses by Glitterati – Underwater (Pose Fair) and by Studio Sidhe – Mermaid Pearl Diving prop (Fantasy Faire)

The Genie is out of the lamp.


And she is visiting the Devil´s Locket another one of the beautiful sims of Fantasy Faire and the amazing work of Lauren Thibaud, This Arabian inspired with modern flashes of piping and a giant mechanical elephant takes to the amazing One Thousand and One Nights universe of magical carpets, genie´s, thief’s, magical jewels, and enchanted animals, all of this in one sim.

So i had to grab my petite again and try out the WorN? genie effect, i had the blue one for normal sized avatars already that was a gift in this years Twisted Hunt but i totally  needed the petite version, where i can pick and change all the effects and colours, i know the desert is not the best place for flowers, but i coudln´t resist wearing this top from evie´s closet Ariel set, besides genie´s are magical, and everything is possible in the land of magic.

So for today call me little desert flower and who knows i might grant you a wish.

Avatar: Mynerva – Peach Petite
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Dragon Petite Mesh Hair
Top: Evie’s Closet – Ariel  (Fantasy Faire)
Bottom: Weather or Not? – Genie Effect (Fantasy Faire)

Poses by Weather or Not?,and Olive Juice at the Pose Fair

The mind of a Toymaker


Is a whimsical place for sure, and you do feel like you are inside the mind of one when you visit the shop location of Mayah Parx, owner and builder of The Epic Toy factory at this years Fantasy Faire at the Jungle Bungle sim.

Mayah is already a known name The Toymaker that makes our jaws drop with all the fantasy oriented and interactive builds you can find at her shop, i still remember with glee the hunting at The Epic Toy Factory during the Steam Hunt not so long ago.

Well as you know her shop is up for and ready, and as usual we get a lovely selection of decor items for the home, most glowy and sparkly and perfect for some petite pics, even if they are so small they get lost in the grass.

I´m wearing here again some of my favorite shops also present at the Faire, This evie´s closet dress is a Faire gift, the hair again is Wasabi Pills, I then added my Material Squirrel favorite wings so far, available in petite and human size and Faire exclusives, the cute little mushroom parasol is from epic, one of the new shops i´ve found out at the faire.

And before i leave you, just some info on the MadPea organized hunt that started, as usual it works with a HUD you buy for 100L minimum donation and is named, The Fairelands Saga, come and join it for a bit of fun.

Until the next blog i say goodbye and vanish in a poof of glitter and fairy dust.

Avatar: Mynerva – Peach Petite
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Orion Petite Mesh Hair
Outfit: Evie’s Closet – Nyria (Fantasy Faire gift)
Wings: Material Squirrel – Maiestre Fairy Wings in Ocean (Fantasy Faire exclusive)
Parasol:  Epic- Rickety Mushie Parasol (Fantasy Faire )

Poses by PictureMePretty, Attitude available at the Pose Fair

Dear Prudence


And again another Fantasy Faire sim this time Meandervale, the wonderful work of Marcus Inkpen and  Sharni Azalee who´s imagination provided a simple and beautiful landscape of dreams, where the windmills where half transformed into butterflies, like a beautiful magical dream.

I wanted a different look for these pics also and even if the dress is not from the Faire but from another event the Cupcake Tea Party at the Cupcake sim it seemed certainly appropriate for this location and it matched so well the special new releases for the faire from Wasabi Pills and lassitude & ennui. The Poses came from Pose Fair where phresh. had on sale all of last year poses, so even if a little dated they are still awesome work at a more than reasonable price.

I ended up feeling like a different version of Alice in Wonderland, like a child playing in a field of dreams. And I couldn´t help singing Dear Prudence while I took these pics.

…Dear Prudence, open up your eyes
Dear Prudence, see the sunny skies
The wind is low the birds will sing
That you are part of everything…

Shape: mine
Skin: Mynerva – Milena
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Hawk (Fantasy Faire)
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural MESH Eyes
Lashes: Beetlebones – Mesh Lashes
Dress: {u.f.o.} – forget me not (Cupcake Tea Party)
Boots: lassitude & ennui – Prudence (Fantasy Fair)
Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Telorange eShadow (group gift)
Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Clear Lipgloss

Poses and bird by phresh. –  I gotta birdie poses and available at Pose Fair

Lady of the Tides


I´m slowly trying to show all the Fantasy Faire´s sims during this week, today i bring you The Tides, some of the pics might be more scenery ones, other with more focus on the items available, the best way to guide yourself to these 8 beautiful themed sims si still the Faire´s website where you can find them in designers list, you´ll also find there a listing of all the stores in each sim and a map with their location.

Here i show a little of The Tides a sim done by Alia Baroque and houses a great number of amazing stores one of them is Wasabi Pills where you can find this beautiful hair, a new release just in time for the Fair, other things I´m wearing are also special Faire items, the dress by Sakide, the horns by ni.Ju and these gorgeous wings by Material Squirrel (i have a few more wings from them to blog, in normal size and petite also) which are easily tintable to match any outfit.

So here it is I give you the Lady of the Tides my first try at a Demon look so far, and quite enjoyable to put together.

Shape: mine
Skin: Glam Affair- Linn – Darkness
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Teeloh (New Relase for Fantasy Faire )
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural MESH Eyes
Lashes: Beetlebones – Mesh Lashes
Dress: Sakide – Lotus Gown (Fantasy Faire)
Horns: ni.Ju – Eurexiaun Horns
Wings: Material Squirrel – Harmony Wings with Swirls (Fantasy Faire)
Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Tira (group gift)

Poses by Olive Juice – Sassy and Pose Fair exclusives

Paper boats in a paper sea


Tiny paper boats
In a tiny paper sea

Under a shining paper moon
Is quite the sight to see
With their tiny paper sails
Riding little paper tides
And the tiny paper fishes nibble
As the paper night wind sighs

The gentle flicker
Gleam and glow
Upon a paper wave
Each tiny part
A paper heart
Of those we long to save
To love
To lift above
This tiny paper sea
Reflecting the paper heavens

Oh, what a sight, indeed…

– K. S.

A wonderful project, that sprang from an amazing idea by Khyle Sion and will be available now at The Fantasy Faire  that started Yesterday. Unfortunately, RL stopped me from blogging this yesterday, but now here it is, a proper opening post for the whole Fair

You will find at the booth assigned to  Refined Wild two little gorgeous paper boats for sale that are part of an amazing project done specially for RFL and Fantasy Faire, each boat as a different price, you can customize one of the copies of the boat and resend it to Refined Wild´s owner Khyle Sion so it will be part of a bigger installation including all other paper boats sent to be a part of it, After the Faire, you’ll receive your boat back with a small surprise inside, and a letter of thanks for taking part in this project.

I´ve already did my Paper boat and will blog it soon at some point, and i+m super busy running around all the sims of the Faire taking pics to show you guys.

In the meanwhile is time to head of to one of the beautiful sims of the Faire and give a hand to  American Cancer Society.

Paper boats in a paper sea by Khyle Sion (Refined Wild)

Shape: mine
Skin: Mynerva – Milena
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Annette
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural MESH Eyes
Lashes: Beetlebones – Mesh Lashes
Shirt: Geometry – Petunia
Jeans: Maitreya – Maitreya Zipper-Skinny Jeans
Feet: Slink Mesh Feet
Earings and ring: Bliensen + MaiTai – Pompeii 
Necklace: Bliensen + MaiTai – Suzie Q
Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Torleytreuse/ChartMelon eShadow (group gift)
Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Clear Lipgloss

Poses by Poise, Frooti ,Y’s Art&Poses and available at Pose Fair

Paper Boats by Khyle Sion/Refined Wild (Fantasy Fair exclusive)

Fantasy Faire is opening tomorrow and here is a small preview on Video and pictures


Finally after weeks and weeks of waiting Fantasy Faire is here 9 sims 8 for shopping one for events (including auctions) and a lot and I mean a lot of the best in SL , I managed to visit all the sims Sha was wonderful as always and gathered a small preview on video for me to share. Again SL residents join efforts to raise funds for the American Cancer Society, by giving their time, work and love to those who really need it.

After seeing that I am sure you are all curious and dying to see it, trust me is well worth it most people wouldn´t even care for my silly pics after that amazing video, except I have something new and pretty to show, a new release from Wasabi Pills, it´s called Hawk and comes in all the usual colours and 3 new ones only for the Fantasy Faire, something not so new is the gorgeous obelisk i´m leaning on by Refined Wild, but it´s pretty awesome itself, 1 land impact and mesh with colour changing menu.

And last but not least this gorgeous gown by Illusions, I´m wearing the white version but there is a special black one just for the Faire.

The pics were taken an hour ago at one of the beautiful themed sims, Shifting Sands, built by Kayle Matzerath, one of the 9 beauties that await for the Faire doors to open and that happens tomorrow the 21st of April at noon sl time please look on their website here, for info on all the sims and the shops in them.

Shape: mine
Skin: MyDear – Hygeia Skin
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Hawk (New Relase)
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural MESH Eyes
Lashes: Beetlebones – Mesh Lashes
Dress: Illusions -Semeret Gown (Fantasy Faire)
Jewelry: Illusions – Khepra Collar & Bracelets
Jewelry: Bliensen + MaiTai – Forbidden Fruit (The Black Market)
Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Tira (group gift)

All Poses by Morgane Batista Poses: Morgane’s runway – NV Corsetry and Pose Fair exclusives

Egyptian Obelisk – A Mesh Product by Khyle Sion – Refined Wild (Fantasy Faire)