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Hidden Cove


This is where i´ve been all weekend away, hidden taking pictures for this week blog posts, and doing something else, trying out Guild Wars 2, yes i gave in after eyeing the game for ages, and seeing all the amazing pictures my friends had from beta, i bought it. I haven´t had much time to actually play yet, but it feels nice to have some distraction, instead of blogging all the time, last week was super busy with blogging, so i am cutting back a bit, since no one can keep up doing 3 blog posts a day for long, not to mention i also have a sim to terraform and decorate and an inventory to tame.

But back to the goodies i bring you today, which is a bit of a lot, a lot of events going on, expect my tldr post of the month soon by the way, too much happening all over.

So i went to the dressing room, and tried the new Cassiopeia in the Jamaica tone, i have to say this, first time i tried a Glam Affair skin i was all, hmm doesn´t suit me much , but slowly and with time it has become one of my favourite brands to blog, even if i don´t really wear it daily, i love taking pictures in them, and i love the ticker eyebrows. I also stopped at My Attic last week if you remember well, and it´s where you can find this cute bikini i´m wearing, i´m not much of a bikini person myself, but i love well placed bows, and the bigger they are the better.

Also you all know i love cats and at the Truth district there is a fundraiser going on for one sick kitty the Archie Appeal Fundraising Event, and if there is something i don´t mind spending money on is cats, just ask my spoiled little girl, so i headed there and did some shopping, the poses i used here are also available there, and are a much needed set of behind poses by Bent.

I also finally got the chance to use this amazing beach scene by Garden Of Dreams with a hammock, tent and fire, pier and even a hidden nook with a treasure chest, which i find totally adorable.

See you all soon, if i don´t get lost in Guild Wars 2 killing foes and planting crops.

Shape: mine 
Skin: Skin: Glam Affair  – Cassiopea – Jamaica (The Dressing Room)
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural Mesh Eyes
Eyelashes: Maitreya – V.I.P. Group Gift – Mesh EyeLashes
Hair: Wasabi Pills  – Skye (ZombiePopcorn)
Bikini: Pididdle – Ribbon Kini (My Attic)
Feet: Slink – Mesh Feet
Makeup: Essences – Eyeliner V2.0

Poses by   Bent.  – Be.Hind (Archie Appeal Fundraising Event)

Scenery: Garden Of Dreams – Dream Scene – Hidden Cove

for more on Garden Of Dreams, check this small video Sha did over weekend.

La fenêtre de Paris


Yes i´ve been away, sadly not travelling to Paris but, setting up my little corner of Paris at home, and just taking some general time of, so my last blog here was last saturday i believe, but on sunday i did my usual thing of blogging for other blogs, s in case you missed it i was all over the place, starting with over at The Hottie Cooterati Experience, with my post Courage, still about this edition of Zodiac and Leo themed, remember that Virgo is next and everyone is already getting ready for it, and also coming soon we will have more events from them: Cinema is already  taking creator applications, and set to start in October, and it will be extremely similar to Festival of Sin. So if you love themed events, sign up for it.

I was also a White Swan over at Zombie Popcorn and without eyebrows at my The Ego Co. one my blog post Not so long ago as the 4th and last edition of Fluid happens, but don´t be sad because if one event ends a new one gets planned, and later on in September The Ego Co. brings us The Summer Harvest Hunt.

But these are past and future events, and this blog post is all about events going on, and this month there are plenty, and they are pretty much awesome, still ongoing for all month is The Vintage Fair, where you can find this cute little bistro, from L&K prefabs, that i have been slowly decorating over the past week, also from vintage fair are the clothes i´m wearing, and the lovely new Wasabi Pills release, in my usual wasabi gingerbread.

And if vintage is the word of the month that is clear in all the events everywhere, from this lovely new Glam Affair release for THe Dresing Room, to the Maxi Gossamer, Jewelry for this months COLLABOR88, which is a special 1st anniversary edition, and very much breathing taking, themed Baroque.

So much fun to have this year as we travel across periods in SL and have so much fund with all the classics that fashion has given us thru time, so untill so, have a great weekend everyone. I´m out for a BBQ and some sun myself.

Shape: mine 
Skin: Glam Affair  – Cassipea Europa – Retro (The Dressing Room)
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural Mesh Eyes 
Eyelashes: Maitreya – V.I.P. Group Gift – Mesh EyeLashes
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Veronica (Vintage Fair)
Top: Perception –  Boatneck Top (Vintage Fair)
Skirt: Perception –  Shetland Wool Skirt (Vintage Fair)
Shoes: Schadenfreude Panache Heels (COLLABOR88)
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer  – AngelWings  (COLLABOR88)

Poses by ibang –   back up
La fenêtre de Paris by L&K prefabs (Vintage Fair)
Table and Chairs by Fluke
Plant by Culprit (Vintage Fair)
Food by Poche

List of direct slurls to the Vintage Fair shops

My usual tldr post of the month


As usual i do a bloggy about stuff coming up during the month and further events i keep an eye on first of all i´ve been busy this month also blogging for  other blogs:

For Zombie Popcorn:
Red, White and Black, Box
– The Garden Cafe

For The Ego Co.
– We´re all part of the same team 
Playing with myself

For The Hottie Cooterati Experience 
– Something woke up the Lion
– The predator becomes the loyal friend

Since last month has been all about Hair Fair, this month is gonna be all about Vintage, because Vintage Fair is about to start and from the Aug 4th – Aug 29th, CHIC Management brings it on and i get to enjoy one of my favourite SL events, so expect some previews as soon as possible.

This year the Fair is sponsored by: Aura, Belleza, Cheeky Pea, coldLogic, Gizza Creations, Indyra Originals, PurpleMoon Creations, oOo Studio and Trompe Loeil.  And there is also a  contest filled with prizes, so read about it here.

Picture taken from the Vintage Fair Official Flickr Group

The Hottie Cooterati Experience  still has Zodiac going on strong, this edition themed by Leo last until the 23rd of August, then leading to it´s second round themed after Virgo.

The Ego Co. organizers of the Mesh Around Hunt, Fluid have a new hunt coming up starting in Setember, which i will be blogging as usual.

Another even that is having is premier is l’accessoires, from August 15th until September 8th we will see a lot about accessories in general, including,  shoes, i´m really looking forward to it.

Also as usual i will bring you the usual regular events be them monthly, bi-weekly or weekly, so stay tunned for this super special anniversary edition of COLLABOR88, and the usual during Fifty Linden Friday, FaMESHedThe Dressing Room, The Dressing Room Blue, The Men’s Department and The Gallery Gift Shop.



Today i bring you Champange, because it´s the perfect drink for celebrations, and we are still celebrating the second anniversary of CHIC Management with CHIC² and its there you can find this classic beauty of a dress from Geometry, while the front is a simple classic look fit for any occasion, the back surprises you with detailed beads making it even more powerful, and certainly a timeless classic.

Of all the colours this was certainly my favourite , I admit i usually stick to my favourites, reds, purples and blacks, but this colour seemed just perfect for this style i even did the one thing i though i would never do, which is to go blonde for it.

Also timeless are the mules i´m wearing, i´ve said several times i am not much of a shoe person, both in RL and SL so whenever i have to wear shoes i pick models that are versatile and that i can wear with several looks, it´s why these mules from lassitude & ennui are all over my blog, first they are a classic more vintage looking model that never really goes out of fashion, and second since my av is a bit on the small side, they are perfect for my height, since i hate to see my avatar i extremely long heels.

Also this week i visited FaMESHed like i do every month, to grab some of my favourite brands new releases, Maxi Gossamer and their exquisite detailed mesh jewelry pieces. By the way I was also thrilled to see that Glam Affair is also doing mesh clothes now, which i will show you later, in the meanwhile i grabbed their lovely new skin at The Dressing Room.

So here it is a blonde me for now folks.

Shape: mine
Skin:  Glam Affair – Leah skin – Ethereal Sadness (The Dressing Room)
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural Mesh Eyes
Hair: booN – KBO906
Eyelashes: Maxi Gossamer – Eyelashes – Groomed
Dress: Geometry – Chic (CHIC²)
Shoes: lassitude & ennui – Boudoir Mules
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Lealao Pendant (FamMESHed)

Poses by aDORKable

Back to our origins


This post was gonna be a lot different, but Culture Shock starts tomorrow and the chosen charity for this event is Médecins Sans Frontières, so i wanted to show a small preview, and that brings us to another point that was brought up on plurk yesterday, i love when discussion on a subject starts there sometimes, especially when it´s about blogging, since i am still sort of new at this.

The subject was basically how many event items do you actually need to blog one event? I believe it only takes one to be honest, show me a little of an event and i will want more, i don´t need 20/30 items, that might not go so well together, from it to want to visit, i need one good item, and slurls, and a link to a blog, that´s all i need, just show me how i can fit in that item with things i already have, even from other events, show me what you got, and i will enjoy it.

So here i am showing one item from Culture Shock only for now, this beautiful Turban from 22769 mixed in with a lot more things from other events, or that i just had about my inventory, and that seemed to fit together.

Also featured in this post is The Summer Beauty Festival, dedicated to cosmetics and that i will be showing a lot this month or until it´s end on the 25th.

By the way speaking of events another one will also start soon, on the 5th is The Ashraya Project, which i will also be blogging, and don´t forget the The WGD Nightstalker Hunt that started on the 1st and has made me get my Goth on for this whole month, well most of the time, and is the start of World Goth Day SL Celebrations, the hunt starts at Dare Designs, and you can find a list of all hunt participants here.

Shape: mine
Skin: Aura –  Briar (COLLABOR88)
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural MESH Eyes
Sweater: Baiastice – Rabibad (The Dressing Room)
Bermudas: Baiastice – Ferya (The Dressing Room)
Turban – 22769 –  the badu ( Culture Shock)
Feet: Slink – Mesh Feet
Earings: Mandala – tukemono earrings(The Dressing Room)
Necklace: Mandala – Omochi Necklace
Bracelet: EarthStones  – Tumbled Stones Bracelet (COLLABOR88)
Nails –  PIDIDDLE – Manicure – Set 003 (Summer Beauty Festival)
Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Firebrick Red Glace Lipcolor
Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Autumn Pallette Glace Makeover (Summer Beauty Festival)
Face Paint –  HANDverk –  Arbore Face Paint



…from SL, as I get ready not just for spring but also some summer, The weather hasn´t really warmed up here really but I don´t honestly care, there are way to many good spring/sumer goodies inworld for me not to use.

So I started with this lovely Geometry dress, ran of to The Dressing Room to grab these lovely YS&YS barefeet and damn they where a total bargain and a must for summer with the nasty default avatar feet we get, I also added a new release, then new Maxi Gossamer, Athena bangles that yes, I know you can´t see them very well here, but those bangles have a story I will tell when I blog them latter and yes it´s a lovely story and they will be blogged a lot.

Also this week there where a few more M.O.C.K. Cosmetics group gifts I could not take of, so here it is time to put on my glasses and enjoy some virtual sun.

Shape: mine

Skin: Mynerva – Milena
Hair: TRUTH –  Lykie
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural MESH Eyes
Lashes: Beetlebones: Mesh Lashes
Dress: Geometry – Aloha 

Feet:  YS&YS – BareFee (The Dressing Room)
Bangles: Maxi Gossamer – Athena Bangles
Glasses:  Waterworks – Aviators (mesh and mod)
Flower:  artilleri – Hibi hair flower
Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics –  Mock and Mole (Group Gift)
Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics –  Freckles (Group Gift)
Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics –  Grapetreuse eShadow (Group Gift)
Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics –  Clear Lipgloss

Poses by Glitterati (Remenber the shop is having a sale atm)

Waiting for Spring


COLLABOR88 is up again this month 🙂 and like always filled with goodies and yay everyone is getting ready for spring, except the weather. Here it rains and when it rains it pours making me and the cat twitchy and anxious for the sun, in the meanwhile in SL my sim slowly blooms while i delete snowy pines and add the random new trees to the landscaping and dot the ground with flowers.

Now would someone tell me to stop taking pics and actually do more landscaping?

Shape: mine
Skin: Illusory Skin – Love Milk (COLLABOR88)
Hair: Exile – Jules (The Dressing Room)
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural MESH Eyes
Lashes: Beetlebones: Mesh Lashes
Dress: House of Hucci – Floral Maxi Dress (COLLABOR88)
Sandals: Maitreya –  Gold  Flip-Flops
Necklace1: CoLLisions –  Just a Tickle Necklace  (Flux)
Necklace2: Maxi Gossamer–  Babette (Group Gift)
Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Clear Lipgloss

Bench: Lisp (COLLABOR88)

Poses: Bench ones and some random Adorkable poses.

52 Weeks of Colour – Aquamarine


As soon as Luna Jubilee posted this weeks challenge i jumped with glee :D. And why you may ask? Because thank´s to Orc i had the perfect outfit just waiting in my inventory, she showed me the lovely Modulor uniform I´m wearing and I  jumped over to Lamb for some new hair, put on a few make up layers, dusted of my awesome Slink high boots and i was more than ready.

All I had to do then was convince bf to join me in these pics and I had Aquamarine ready on sunday, never a challenge was so easy or fun to participate in.

Shape: mine

Skin: Mynerva – Milena
Hair: !lamb – Oleander
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural MESH Eyes
Lashes: Beetlebones: Mesh Lashes
Dress: Modulor – Renpou Uniform
Thighs: Izzie’s – Tights ocean
Boots: Slink – Tall Leather Thigh Boots
Earrings: TDR – special Kosmos Bangle (The Dressing Room)
Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Bright Sunshiney Day Lucir Makeover
Makeup: Pin me Down – Set 7 01
Makeup: Pin me Down – Set 7 04

Dirty Lynx – Punkee avatar (mesh) 

A Blog about Blogging :O


I´m pretty new at blogging, so I thought I should do at least one post on how the blog works, affiliations or lack of them, that sort of stuff.

Well I blog whatever I can and have available time for basically, I try to give time to special events in SL, like I have these past few months with, Back to Black, Festival of Sin, EPOCH Legend, Mix+Mesh, March Mesh Madness, and also the regular monthly or weekly events like, COLLABOR88 Flux, The Dressing Room, The Dressing Room Blue, Lazy Sundays and a few more others.

I also try on top of that to add a few hunts to the list, like I did with Gothmas by Gaslight Hunt, and soon The Twisted and Steam Hunts, as soon has I have the available time. This of course is not easy there are always so many events I can cover and there is also so many available lindens to spend, and that brings us to my next point.

99% of the items I review, use on photographs come out of my pocket, meaning I rush to the events (usually on Sundays mornings, when most US folks are still asleep) and spend my lindens on things I really like or would look good in pictures, so I can end up with a few things in my inventory that won´t be blogged right away, but will sit there waiting for the right opportunity to come out in the future.

I do get a few Blogger packs, I don´t aproach merchants and ask for things I will volunteer when they offer or ask about blogger on Plurk if I like the shop and feel I can actually blog their things and fit them into my posts, one of the few shops that sends me blogger review packs and is amazingly generous with those is CoLLisions, I will not claim to mark all blogger preview items, I would rather focus on the events they are a part of, but I am very upfront about it and will address them at least every now and them here, I will also never ever blog something I don´t like, or that does not fit in with the overall look.

Now another point here Gifts, I get some gifts from creators sometimes, from those I know well, most of them I met in SLUniverse where I am a frequent poster, usually I saw them progress their work and tested demos for them helping if needed with fitting tips, but mostly they are for me talented friends, and I will not mark their items as gifts I would never ever also never blog anything I would not like myself or didn´t fit the style again, i´m just very lucky to know these people, and share their creations.

Regular shops I post about, you will find quite a few, my elikatira and Mynerva addiction is legendary how much I have fun with M.O.C.K. Cosmetics is also apparent (and I´m lucky to know Mockie and see the dinamic in her group which is one of the few payed ones I do belong too), .( bewildebeest ) and PixelDolls both now closet, and {bilo} reopening soon, but I also love to try new things, always inside my own comfort zones.

Now another issue is comfort zones, well about that, I don´t really do sexy or underwear pics, I´m a silly prude about that for some reason, I do try to step out of it tho, but never anything that would make me uncomfortable.

At the end of the day I´m just having a lot of fun taking pics and running around teh grid experimenting new things, and trying not to take myself too seriously, hopefully I learn something while doing it, I´m sure i will make mistakes and screw up sometimes, let´s just hope it doesn´t happen that often.

As for style well check my blog I love experimenting 😀 and mostly having fun.


Bring in the clowns


I did my usual event visit on sunday morning, which for me is always the best time for shopping, most of the US folks are still asleep, and i can run about big events almost lagless, and oh boy i had two of them to see this weekend. EPOCH Legend and Spring Fashion 2012: Mix+Mesh and i also had to stop by at The Dressing Room.

I have been trying to keep up with most big event´s like Back to Black and The Festival of Sin since i started blogging more seriously, so my posts have featured items from these events regularly

I will start with EPOCH Legend, and what i can say is wow it involves 3 locations, a lot of amazing creators, a lot of imagination and 3 separate themes i fell in love with totally, and i probably would have ended up buying everything if i could. You can also follow their blog, shopping guide, or their Flirck group, or visit the Creator´s Café.

I did do some shopping from all 3 locations and will try to post to each of the 3 themes, so here it is the first one, clowning:

I have to confess one thing, I hate clowns, they terrify me, i get shivers and cold sweats when i see one, a picture of one, and sometimes a simple red nose.

Everything about clowns screams to me sleazy and creepy, and i used this pretty Love Soul makeup and hair/hat because it´s more of a Pierrot mood then actually more so clownish, i still could not get myself to take a full frontal pic of it, shame on me and my phobias.

I also got this lovely tent by Five minutes after a store i had never heard about but ran to as soon as i saw the tent in the shopping guide even before the event was open, and loved.

Shape: mine
Skin: YS & YS Alice (The Dressing Room)
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural MESH Eyes
Lashes: Beetlebones: Mesh Lashes
Hair: Love Soul – Clown*EPOCH-Legend (EPOCH Legend – clowning)
Dress: Willow – The Picard Dress – Tessellations (EPOCH Legend – Art of Escher)
Boots: lassitude & ennui – Flutter boots cardinal (Back to Black)
Stockings: Izzie’s – Tights half sheer inside
Makeup: Love Soul – Makeup*clown* (EPOCH Legend – clowning)

Tent: Five minutes after

The second big event i visit was Mix+Mesh, and i was amazingly disappointed by it, extremely high prices, lack of demos for mesh items (really? how does someone buy mesh without even trying it?), i also saw a lot of work done from templates about (that is not always a bad thing tho, some original work can come from templates), There was some good work there, i won´t deny it but overall it was a very big disappointment and i ended up not actually buying anything.

And finally The Dressing Room, god i love it so much and this time i love it even more, after a little controversy later in the week about their invited guest the organizers showed why i love this venue, fast response and admirable principles, so a big hurrah for The Dressing Room.

For now that´s it, remember i still have to do photographs for two more of EPOCH themes The Art of Escher and Beast.