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Coming soon…


This month has been so busy, not just with events in sl but also with new shops sending me blogger packs that I have and will continue to show of, those shops being: Geometry, {bilo}, CoLLisions, 22769 and Dare Designs, this has helped me a lot in blogging since not only do I have more to play with in my pictures, but I also have more variety, and most of it already associated with amazing events I already cover.

The Blogrun of feeds also slowly grows with more entries as I apply the blog to them, and spend more time checking feeds myself.

I keep trying to cover as many events as possible including some hunts like i did this month to The Twisted Hunt, The Steam Hunt and last week and over the next The Home and Garden Market Hunt. I do try and keep up with hunts as best as possible, but as you see it is impossible to covert only 1% of all the ones in the grid.

I´ve been also trying to cover all the pictures in the Luna Jubilee´s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge, and probably doing a few more in the future.

Next month I plan to keep covering my favourite monthly events like COLLABOR88, The Dressing Room, The Dressing Blue, The Gallery Gift Shop, Flux and the new My Attic. But I do have news as it comes to major events upcoming.

First I will start with World Goth Day on the 22nd of May that is having an officially sanctioned event in SL The World Goth Fair 2012 and will also include a hunt The WGD Nightstalker Hunt 2012, I was lucky to be invited by my good friend Axi to be an official blogger for the Fair with other amazing bloggers as: Shadowed Darkfury from SL Freebie Hunters, Sonya Marmurek  from Astalianda and  Rudhmellowen Laguna from Seraphim.

Second i´ve also been accepted as a blogger for Fantasy Faire.

And I am so excited for it, I love doing Fantasy pictures, and I love experimenting and already know how amazing the designers assigned to me are, so I know for sure I will have good things to blog, but it´s a surprise.

Another event I´m anticipating is Keep Calm and Keep Shopping! a smaller and new event I know, but looking extremely promising.

These are a few of the events i can remember atm, for the next few months I´m sure more will come, and i will do my best to keep myself on top of them. Remember people to hit me with news or suggestions, either here or on plurk/twitter.



Another year and another round of The Steam Hunt this time their sixth edition, sadly last year i missed it both as a Hunter and as a merchant, I had our small homestead in the Destination Guide at the time and sold some of my alien plants there, so i joined as a merchant (anyone interested in my silly gift can im me inworld any time and ask me for a copy btw, i´ll gladly send it) and got accepted, but due to several reasons, long, long story, i ended up retiring our location from the hunt, later i had to redo the whole sim decor and did not get time to hunt myself.

But it has been one of the funniest and more exciting hunts to do in SL for a few years now, My friend Trony is totally addicted to it, and i have to thank him for helping me gathering some of the stuff and providing me the scenery for this.

This years theme was totally amazing also, it picked on of my favorite writers, and gave me the theme, of a bored Sea monster hunter, that waits for sea monsters to come.

Shape: mine

Skin: Mynerva – Milena
Hair: TRUTH – Pandora
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural MESH Eyes
Lashes: Beetlebones: Mesh Lashes
Outfit: parts of The Hunt by 22769 and The Echo outfit by Snowpaws ( The Steam Hunt)

Boots: lassitude & ennui – Wanderlust boots
Bracelet: HUDSON’s Clothing Co. – Octopus Bracelet Brown ( The Steam Hunt)
Necklace: Bonus 5 The Epic Toy Factory – Dargon Crytis Amulet ( The Steam Hunt)
Belt: Orquidea –  Pocket Watch Belt ( The Steam Hunt)
Glasses: Waterworks – Industrial sunglasses
Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics –  Clear Lipgloss

A Blog about Blogging :O


I´m pretty new at blogging, so I thought I should do at least one post on how the blog works, affiliations or lack of them, that sort of stuff.

Well I blog whatever I can and have available time for basically, I try to give time to special events in SL, like I have these past few months with, Back to Black, Festival of Sin, EPOCH Legend, Mix+Mesh, March Mesh Madness, and also the regular monthly or weekly events like, COLLABOR88 Flux, The Dressing Room, The Dressing Room Blue, Lazy Sundays and a few more others.

I also try on top of that to add a few hunts to the list, like I did with Gothmas by Gaslight Hunt, and soon The Twisted and Steam Hunts, as soon has I have the available time. This of course is not easy there are always so many events I can cover and there is also so many available lindens to spend, and that brings us to my next point.

99% of the items I review, use on photographs come out of my pocket, meaning I rush to the events (usually on Sundays mornings, when most US folks are still asleep) and spend my lindens on things I really like or would look good in pictures, so I can end up with a few things in my inventory that won´t be blogged right away, but will sit there waiting for the right opportunity to come out in the future.

I do get a few Blogger packs, I don´t aproach merchants and ask for things I will volunteer when they offer or ask about blogger on Plurk if I like the shop and feel I can actually blog their things and fit them into my posts, one of the few shops that sends me blogger review packs and is amazingly generous with those is CoLLisions, I will not claim to mark all blogger preview items, I would rather focus on the events they are a part of, but I am very upfront about it and will address them at least every now and them here, I will also never ever blog something I don´t like, or that does not fit in with the overall look.

Now another point here Gifts, I get some gifts from creators sometimes, from those I know well, most of them I met in SLUniverse where I am a frequent poster, usually I saw them progress their work and tested demos for them helping if needed with fitting tips, but mostly they are for me talented friends, and I will not mark their items as gifts I would never ever also never blog anything I would not like myself or didn´t fit the style again, i´m just very lucky to know these people, and share their creations.

Regular shops I post about, you will find quite a few, my elikatira and Mynerva addiction is legendary how much I have fun with M.O.C.K. Cosmetics is also apparent (and I´m lucky to know Mockie and see the dinamic in her group which is one of the few payed ones I do belong too), .( bewildebeest ) and PixelDolls both now closet, and {bilo} reopening soon, but I also love to try new things, always inside my own comfort zones.

Now another issue is comfort zones, well about that, I don´t really do sexy or underwear pics, I´m a silly prude about that for some reason, I do try to step out of it tho, but never anything that would make me uncomfortable.

At the end of the day I´m just having a lot of fun taking pics and running around teh grid experimenting new things, and trying not to take myself too seriously, hopefully I learn something while doing it, I´m sure i will make mistakes and screw up sometimes, let´s just hope it doesn´t happen that often.

As for style well check my blog I love experimenting 😀 and mostly having fun.