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Happy World Goth Day and news


First of all Happy world Goth Day everyone, and i know how i will be celebrating, i´m hitting the newly arrived band hoodies at World Goth Fair, that means 35 different hoodies from 35 different bands, all properly licensed and exclusive for the event and sold either in gatcha form or collectors pack on any of the event sims, you can read more about it here



But not all news are gothy, i also been getting ready for next month and as you can see in my calendar, I added today a few new pinboards:

– MadPea

– 25-for-25

– Tales of Fantasy

– Fashion for Life

Have fun Everyone see you all soon with more news and events.

World Goth Fair pins part 1


For those who know me, they know this time of year my heart get´s a little darker and a whole lot gothier, because today it´s another year and World Goth Fair 2014 starts, i´ve written a lot of times about how much i love this event, and how much i enjoy being a part of it, not just thanks to the amazing folks at Cursed Events, or the Charity involved The Sophie Lancaster Foundation. it was one of the first events i blogged ever, and the group a small sl family for me.

So guys without further delay and talk, i´ll save that for later in a more detailed blog post i bring you part of World Goth Fair, when we celabrate a way of life and most of all community.

See you all soon with more news and events.


World Goth Fair – Cursed (adult)- build by Lokii Violet)
World Goth Fair – Sium (moderate) – (build by Fox Nacht)
World Goth Fair – Port Seraphine (general) – (build by Dolce Blackflag)

(Every pin has a direct slurl to the respective booth, and gatchas to gatcha area i Sium)



As you all probably know by now that The World Goth Fair already started and today i talk about why this is one of my favourite events in SL. It happens every year and  is officially sanctioned by the folks at  World Goth Day  raising funds for the  Sophie Lancaster Foundation. A lot of people don´t know much about Sophie, i´ll confess i didn´t until last year, but those living in the UK might remember Shopie´s story.

Shape: mine
Skin: Jalwa- Jezebel (World Goth Fair)
Eyes: Beautiful Freak – Shopie (World Goth Fair)
Hair: Exile – Hearts Don’t Breakeven
Moth: Bliensen + MaiTai – Goth Moth – Hair Accessory (World Goth Fair)

On August 24th 2007 Shopie and her partner Rob where brutally attacked in  Stubbeylee Park, Bacup, Lancashire, Shopie didn´t survive this brutal attack. And you may ask why where they attacked? Because they where goths.

Because they dressed differently, they looked different, no i´ll take that back they where not attacked by that, they where not attacked by something they did, they were attacked due to hate, pure and simple, they were attacked because and by hate. Something Shopie´s mum is trying to fight, and she´s been doing it so bravely by leaving a huge legacy in Shopie´s name, thru The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

And this is why i picked this blog title, one of the Foundation´s major goals has been to educate people on hate and intolerance to all subcultures, but also work with authorities so that these sort of crimes are penalized as what they are: Hate Crimes. That is done thru constant work and talking, avoiding the silence people are so often pushed in too, by those who commit these sort of crimes.

It´s by talking about these issues that we show victims they are not alone and that we as a society don´t aprove of this sort of behaviour, and will do whatever is possible to call it out when we see it and say this is hateful and not ok, be it in whatever medium it shows it´s ugly face.

So it´s time we talk about people like Sophie, to whom hate had the ultimate consequence, it´s time to break the silence.

You can visit The World Goth Fair until the 31st of May and can window shop for all the charity vendors here on my World Goth Fair Pinboard. There is a lot i could say more, but sadly words fail me so many times, et´s just remember Sophie and all others like her who somehow where victims of hate, and let them be remembered as such a huge influence i a pat to change.

Pinning all the events


Sorry for the delay guys there where a lot of events starting yesterday and i had no internet the nite before, but here it finally is, for your pleasure all events in on spot. First World Goth Fair, which you might remember i blogged last year, and now comes back bigger and better. And that i will be properly blogging soon.


Also cause iit´s the 15th  is time for both The Boutique and Genre. I´ll leave you all now an dget some well deserved rest. Happy shopping



Amblyodipsas Rosaceae


Today I have a lot of new things for you guys, events coming that i´m going to officially blog, even if i had promised myself i would cut down on official blogging, a bloggers challenge, and some more randomness.

So let´s start with the challenge shall we, sometime ago the coolest Pancake in town in her amazing Renoobed started a blogger challenge, as you know me i rarely do those, unless by accident or if i really like it, i really suck at too much writing and musing, but i had to at least give this one a try, it´s called Create a Character Challenge and you can read all about it b clicking the link.

Like i said writing is not one of my strong points at all, so the idea of creating a whole character including background for it is at best a torture, but i did try and i figured the best way to do it was heading of to Genre and see what they had new tis month, not many events cater to roleplayers or are constantly themed like this small monthly event. And when i saw this gorgeous skin from Fallen Gods and i knew i had to use it, next i still had the whole rest of the look to work on, and i reminded myself of tow things i had seen recently first the Hair from Exile i saw in this post White Tea by the lovely Sonya Marmurek, and second these petals i found in this amazing blog post Petal Explosion from Charisma Jonesford.

So i created not a character but a whole new species a mix of roses and snake who´s nature is unknown and who´s probably the reason roses have thorns, tiny as little sharp snake´s teeth, that ill surprise you with a small bite. ´m afraid this is as good as it gets as far as character backstories as i can go, i did get a new exciting look from this challenge, and went way out of my comfort zone when it comes to showing of skin, so it was certainly a time well spent and most of all my preparation for those upcoming events.

Shape: mine
Skin:  Fallen Gods – (Genre)
Eyes: Ikon – Ardent Eyes (The Boutique)
Eyelashes: Maxi Gossamer – Eyelashes – Groomed
Hair: Exile – Crazy in love
Lipstick: +Nuuna+  –  comes in the Juuli skin (Skin Fair 2013)

Blossoms:  ~*RunoRuno*~ Cherry Blossom Petals

Pose by Del May

And here is the events part i promised you guys this was also my mind being constantly thinking of two events that are probably my favourites every year.

Fantasy Faire – That starts on April the 20th lasting until April the 28th, Last year i had so much fun doing this event it was crazy, I had just started blogging officially events and Fantasy Faire was one of the very first, I also had the amazing pleasure of working closely with Khyle Sion from Refined Wild and is then project for the Faire,  Paper boats in a paper sea I also see Khyle is decorating one of the sims this year and i can´t wait to see the result. By the way the Faire is still looking for bloggers and you can find the application here.

The World Goth Fair – Again another one of my favourite events happening from the 15th of May until the 30th and run by one of the best event organizers i´ve seen so far, Axi Kurmin, this year is it´s second edition and oh my have we grown so much since last year. And we can only get better and better, the amount of new shops joining the event is amazing and so is their quality, so i can´t wait for this laid back event, where i go goth for a few weeks.

And this is it my ramblings for today, just be prepared for some crazy looks around these parts as i prepare myself o dress up and go whimsical and dark. See you all laters maybe with a Pinterest update.

My usual tldr post of the month.


As Usual i do a round up of upcoming events I applied for as a blogger, today we see the end of Fantasy Faire and pose Faire , but more events are coming soon, and these are:

– 1st- 25th of May The Summer Beauty Festival, mostly dedicated to Cosmetics, let´s see if i have something to blog about it later.

– 14-28 of May stars of  Keep Calm and Keep Shopping!  this one is not a charity event but only to promote wonderful SL creators.

– 15-31 of May starts of  World Goth Fair and the WGD Nightstalker Hunt (starting on the 1st of May) associated with it. These two events are separate but officially sanctioned by the folks at World Goth Day, and will benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. And is being organized by people I know personally, am close to and have absolute confidence in.

This is the round-up of the current events I have planned to cover over the next few months, I´ll be sure to update this list as I go along, and keep covering a lot more events be them monthly or weekly. And remember on the 7th Men´s Department also starts, while the 8th brings us our usual monthly edition of COLLABOR88. Also starting on the 1st is FaMESHed a new monthly and apparently awesome event, and Culture Shock 2012 for the 4th to the 26th of May and finally from the 5th to the 4th of June is time for the Ashraya Project.

Another thing that was mentioned a lot this week was the subject of review copies, tbh i don´t mark them myself, i´d rather not make a mistake and mark something wrong, and i also don´t personally like seeing them marked, like prices unless it´s a promotion or something like that. I´m not even sure the review policies apply to SL blogging or myself since i am not a US resident, so i will keep that policy, one thing i do is thank all the awesome creators who do share them, and this month due to at least two big Fairs i received quite a few, from my awesome assigned stores from Fantasy Faire, and from all the amazing and generous creators at Pose Fair, and also to the usual shops that send regular review items. A big thank you from you all who make the blog have more to talk about, and me to take pictures at.

A round-up of upcoming events.


It comes that time of month when I review all events and current blogging plans.

-14-22 of April: Bay City Fashion Week, a new event with a vintage feel featuring 20 top designers presenting styles of the 1940s through the mid 1960s, that I will try to follow as close as possible.

– Starting on the 15th ia the much expected Pose Fair, check their Flickr group for previews on what creators are making and what bloggers are planning, but in the meanwhile, it´s open today at 8 am  for bloggers and I will probably have some pics to show you guys. Hopefully with Sha´s help. (ETA: The bloggers preview day and hour have changed to Friday the 13th at 12pm, sadly i won´t be able to blog any of it on the 13 due to time zones, hopefully I will have something to show of on the 14th and one post for the opening on the 15th, since I won´t be online much on 15th due to rl commitments. I do promise to follow-up on it as best as possible during the week)

– 21-29 of April: Fantasy Faire, a Relay for Life event in support of the American Cancer society, so far I have not had one single doubt in participating in this event since all the people in it seem extremely competent, and honourable, and I have no reason to question their commitment to the event and RLF.

– 14-28 of May stars of  Keep Calm and Keep Shopping!  this one is not a charity event but only to promote wonderful SL creators.

– 15-31 of May starts of  World Goth Fair and the WGD Nightstalker Hunt (starting on the 1st of May) associated with it. These two events are separate but officially sanctioned by the folks at World Goth Day, and will benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. And is being organized by people I know personally, am close to and have absolute confidence in.

This is the round-up of the current events I have planned to cover over the next few months, I´ll be sure to update this list as I go along, and keep covering a lot more events be them monthly or weekly.

Grip Burn


So many things happening lately, events, Fairs and a lot of talk about bloggers and blogging in general earlier doing the week someone on my timeline replurked this wonderful article It’s Open Season on Bloggers!! ANNIE – Get Your Gun!!, well worth reading if you want an idea on what sort of stuff bloggers do (I also highly recomend the whole blog and i´m very happy i stumbled on it), just as an example the 3 pics here took me around 3 hours to do, from putting on an outfit to manage to position myself well enough so I could take the picture, you see when you are trying to photograph something and you can´t build is hard to position yourself, I had to fly and then place my avatar in a way so that it didn´t look like my feet where anywhere else but the actual scenery, that takes some time, and apparently is harder to do when a cat is trying to sit on your keyboard. But speaking of events…

I´ll start first La Venta Eventa where I grabbed these awesome boots I had been eyeing for sometime at lassitude & ennui, and the hair I had been dreaming about since I saw it on plurk . The hair is from Discord Designs and what can I say it totally rocks, and comes just in time, because Crazy Hair Hunt 3 is just staring Saturday and Discord Designs is also in it, I did get a sneak peek at their hunt prize, and this is one hunt  not to miss.

I´m also wearing my World Goth Fair blogger t-shirt here as I get ready for it, so many events and so little time. On a small note, these pics where inspired by the wonderful work of Sian Pearl over at parthenoid.

Shape: mine

Skin: MyDear – Hygeia
Hair: Discord Designs – Nethead-
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural MESH Eyes
Lashes: Beetlebones: Mesh Lashes
Shirt: WGD Blogger
Suit: GRAVES – Simply White

Shoes:   lassitude & ennui  – Overknee boots
Necklace: CoLLisions: – Trinity
Googles: Hello Spacegirl – Bubble Goggles Insect
Lipstick: My Dear –  Hygeia Lipstick 25
Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics –  Clear Lipgloss

Poses by Glitterati
Location:  The Labyrinth of Absurdity

Coming soon…


This month has been so busy, not just with events in sl but also with new shops sending me blogger packs that I have and will continue to show of, those shops being: Geometry, {bilo}, CoLLisions, 22769 and Dare Designs, this has helped me a lot in blogging since not only do I have more to play with in my pictures, but I also have more variety, and most of it already associated with amazing events I already cover.

The Blogrun of feeds also slowly grows with more entries as I apply the blog to them, and spend more time checking feeds myself.

I keep trying to cover as many events as possible including some hunts like i did this month to The Twisted Hunt, The Steam Hunt and last week and over the next The Home and Garden Market Hunt. I do try and keep up with hunts as best as possible, but as you see it is impossible to covert only 1% of all the ones in the grid.

I´ve been also trying to cover all the pictures in the Luna Jubilee´s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge, and probably doing a few more in the future.

Next month I plan to keep covering my favourite monthly events like COLLABOR88, The Dressing Room, The Dressing Blue, The Gallery Gift Shop, Flux and the new My Attic. But I do have news as it comes to major events upcoming.

First I will start with World Goth Day on the 22nd of May that is having an officially sanctioned event in SL The World Goth Fair 2012 and will also include a hunt The WGD Nightstalker Hunt 2012, I was lucky to be invited by my good friend Axi to be an official blogger for the Fair with other amazing bloggers as: Shadowed Darkfury from SL Freebie Hunters, Sonya Marmurek  from Astalianda and  Rudhmellowen Laguna from Seraphim.

Second i´ve also been accepted as a blogger for Fantasy Faire.

And I am so excited for it, I love doing Fantasy pictures, and I love experimenting and already know how amazing the designers assigned to me are, so I know for sure I will have good things to blog, but it´s a surprise.

Another event I´m anticipating is Keep Calm and Keep Shopping! a smaller and new event I know, but looking extremely promising.

These are a few of the events i can remember atm, for the next few months I´m sure more will come, and i will do my best to keep myself on top of them. Remember people to hit me with news or suggestions, either here or on plurk/twitter.