Pinning Calendar:

– Suggestion Box where anyone can leave their opinion, for improvements, suggestions or even randomly babble about the weather.

– You can also Join the Inworld Group

Here you can find Links and info on all my Pinboards events on Pinterest

Constantly Updated Pinboards:


– My Funny Valentine

– Easter Eggs

– Pinning Hollows

– Black Friday

– A Letter to Santa

– Spring Fever

– Summer Breeze

– Falling Leaves

– Winter Came


– Store Sales, One time Events, Hunts and Contests

– Group Gifts

– Best of…

– Bromance

– Attach to right hand

– Creators and Bloggers resources


Weekly Events:

– 25L Tuesdays

– Woeful Wednesday

– Fifty Linden Friday

– The Neighbourhood

– Lazy Sunday

Bi-weekly events:

– Limited Bazaar

Monthly Events:

– Atelier Kreslo

– FaMESHed

– Genre

– L’accessoires

– Limited 50

– The Challenge

– The Gallery Gift Shop

– The Mens Dept.

– Theme Park

– We Love Role-Play

Bi-monthly Events:

– My Attic

– The Boutique

The Garden

– The Poser Pavilion

Quarterly Events:

– Bees Through the Seasons

Cosmetics Fair

– Enchantment

Anuals and Special Events:

– A Clockwork Spiral

– Adore & Abhor’s 5th Anniversary!

– Avatars for Animals

– Bay City Fashion week

– Candy Fair

– Designers United

– Free*Style Shop


– Gothmas by Gaslight

– Horrorfest

– Kawaii Fair

– Numberology

– Oopskate

– Pose Fair

– Skin Fair

– Shoetopia


– The Seasons Story

– The Thrift Shop

– The Wash Cart Sale

– Wizarding Faire

– World Goth Fair

I´m always looking for new events to pin but it depends a lot on my availability, since i´m one person, trying to my best in promoting them, you can always fill out the form below, but i ask you to drop me an im anytime since it will make sure i see your app in time, and i´m always available for a chat and to clear up any doubts.

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